Is 'Master of None' Season Two Going to Be Set in Italy?

The truth lies on the 'gram.

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Is Master of None about to give us an entire season abroad ? As (SPOILER ALERT for anyone who continues to deny themselves the pleasure of Master of None's splendid first season) shown in the last episode of Master of None’s inaugural season, Aziz Ansari’s character (Dev) is indeed seen heading to Italy to apparently pursue his true love: pasta. Glorious, delicious pasta.

Also, I’m not a detective, but I imagine detectives probably spend a lot of time on Instagram and, well, just look at this:

When we last saw Dev Shah, his (briefly) magical relationship with Rachel had reached a breaking point, prompting Dev to seemingly take a quick breather from the nonsense of life in Italy. Will Dev discover even more life nonsense in Italy? Will Rachel surprise him in Italy and make everyone believe in the illusion of love again? Will each episode be about a different kind of (glorious, beautiful) pasta, with Ansari simply narrating each episode using observations and general thoughts from his travels?

No word yet on any of that, though Ansari did recently confirm that Master of None's presumably great second season will debut on Netflix at some point in 2017. "The first season was so personal and I want to make sure that what ever we do for season two lives up to what we did for season one," Ansari told a TCA audience in January, according to Deadline. "We'd love to do it. We're figuring it out."

Italy sounds like a great place to do exactly that.

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