Is Lindsay Lohan Engaged to a Russian Heir?

Feeling inspired? Pop the question in your own relationship. Or don't. That's probably best.

Image via @lindsaylohan

Lindsay Lohan may want to add a new cabinet member to her 2020 presidential campaign team, as her personal schedule just got way more crowded with potential love commitments. Lohan is engaged to be married to her 22-year-old boyfriend Egor Tarabasov, according to the engagement experts over at TMZ. Tarabasov, a Russian heir, reportedly popped the daunting question this past weekend while everyone else was busy toiling away beneath the misery of their own stalled relationships.

So what's the deal with this Egor guy? In an impressively thorough breakdown of his social standing, Heavyclaims the soon-to-be Mr. Lohan is the heir to an undisclosed fortune thanks to his father, Russian millionaire Dmitry Tarabasov. Egor, however, already has his own business mastery to speak of. He's the owner of London real estate agency Home House Estates, self-described as a collective of "estate agents and chartered surveyors" concerned mainly with the "best addresses and post codes." Wow. Same.

Though the blossoming couple's exact timeline is unknown, most estimate they've been a thing for at least 5 months. Egor, TMZ notes, even spent the holidays in New York with Lohan's family before securing the highly coveted familial co-sign. Lindsay and Egor, who haven't publicly announced their apparently forthcoming union, were reportedly first turned on to each other's vibes thanks to "mutual friends."

Speaking to Page Six on Tuesday, an alleged "rep" for Lohan appeared to dispute TMZ's claims of an engagement. According to the unidentified source, reports of an engagement are "not true" and hold "no merit." However, with any luck, the eventual (?) wedding will still be just as spellbinding as the one Lindsay Lohan allegedly crashed last August. Remember? The one with the thing about alleged nakedness and looping a Brandy instaclassic? Either way, congrats to Lindsay and Egor on what they're building together. Love is clearly making big waves in 2016.

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