Whenever Lindsay Lohan makes a point to 'gram a current event, the result is generally nothing short of perplexing. However, Lindsay's most recent 'gram takes that perplexity to even greater heights:

Using your obnoxious cousin's favorite app (PicCollage), Lindsay somehow manages to work a Star Wars reference into a blurb about a recent smash-and-grab incident at a Chanel boutique in London. The incident in question, according to WWD, occurred at the Brompton Road location shortly before 4 a.m. on Monday. The "majority" of the handbags on display were stolen after the unidentified suspects intentionally crashed a vehicle into the front of the shop, with local authorities reporting that "no arrests have been made" but an investigation is ongoing.

Shortly after summoning the Force, Lindsay then jokingly referenced the smash-and-grab incident once more in the name of 'gram brand consistency:

Keep 'gramming, Lindsay.