Leonardo DiCaprio May or May Not Get Raped by a Bear Twice in 'The Revenant' (UPDATE)

As previously reported, Leo is a god.

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When the first trailer for Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu's latest visual experiment The Revenant dropped earlier this year, it became immediately clear that our guyLeonardo DiCaprio had achieved a new career high in terms of being a confirmed god of acting. In fact, Leo pretty much said so himself: "It was the most difficult film, I think, that any of us have ever done," he said during a recent post-screening Q & A session.

Based on imagery alone, Leo would appear to be speaking the truth. Everyone looks dirty. There's a lot of screaming. And, oh yeah, there's a gigantic bear. Though pre-release clips have hinted at some sort of a violent duel between Leo and the bear, the Drudge Reportis now reporting predictably anonymous claims that it's actually much worse than that:

The new movie 'REVENANT' features a shocking scene of a wild bear raping Leo DiCaprio! 

According to these quickly challenged reports, the bear "flips Leo over and thrusts and thrusts during the explicit mauling," raping him twice. During a later scene, Leo reportedly rips open a horse and sleeps nude inside the carcass. Other cinematic scholars, however, disagree. Sleeping nude inside a horse? Yeah. Raped by a bear? Not so fast:

Revenant fact-check:
1) Does a bear rape Leo? NO
2) Does Leo sleep inside a horse's chest cavity? YES
3) Is Revenant super gross?YEEEEES

— Devin Gordon (@DevinGordonX) December 1, 2015

Quickly feeling the wrath of the bear rape rumor, a Fox spokesperson reached out to Entertainment Weekly to promptly squash the whole thing:

As anyone who has seen the movie can attest, the bear in the film is a female who attacks Hugh Glass because she feels he might be threatening her cubs. There is clearly no rape scene with a bear.

Either way, Leo: the Oscar is yours. Just reach out and grab it.

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