This Russian Guy May or May Not Be Leonardo DiCaprio in an Alternate Universe

Give this guy an Oscar before all these doppelgängers take over.

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Given the vast array of people one could closely resemble, there are certainly far worse options than soon-to-be Oscar winner and part-time shark battlerLeonardo DiCaprio. Just ask the 21-year-old Instagrammer who gifted the world with some Romeo & Juliet era DiCaprio vibes back in October. However, if the following tweet is to be believed, that guy might be facing some serious doppelgänger competition from some other guy in Russia:

@GQMagazine @kthomp4 lol oh god. Goodbye fantasies about Jack Dawson. Hello Russian Leo.

— Laura Reek (@ellereek) January 14, 2016

Not much is currently known about this so-called Russian Leo, though GQ notes that the real DiCaprio is apparently "half-Russian." Fittingly, the Internet has taken it upon themselves to introduce Russian Leo to the wild and wonderful world of Twitter commentary with sweeping urgency:

Leo needs an Oscar just for this retelling of the time he was on a Russian flight & one of the engines blew up

— emily 🍓 (@emmybreese) January 11, 2016

Compelling additions to the conversation, no?

It's worth mentioning that DiCaprio recently spent a large amount of time speaking in a Russian accent during a sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres, an interview centered mostly on all the times Leonardo DiCaprio has enjoyed a life so much more exciting than anything you could ever even begin to fathom:

Give this guy an Oscar before all the doppelgängers take over.

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