'60 Minutes' Plunges Head First Into Quality Journalism With Kevin Hart Height Question

Anderson Cooper had to do it to 'em.

Man giving peace sign, wearing a leather jacket, in a venue with wooden walls and decor
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Man giving peace sign, wearing a leather jacket, in a venue with wooden walls and decor

A discussion on Kevin Hart's height is now a permanent part of the larger 60 Minutes legacy.

As shown in the comedian's new interview with Anderson Cooper, the oft-speculated figure, which Hart himself has joked about in his stand-up, has been the subject of varying claims from several sources over the years.

Cooper, for example, noted that GQ previously put Hart’s height at 5'5” while the Los Angeles Times had it at 5'4”. Meanwhile, "some other place" went as low as 5'2”.

"Well, that place is bullshit," Hart said. "GQ finally got it right. Five-five. Five-foot-five, like, with a shoe on, like a sneaker. Now, if I put a boot on, I can get to five-five and a half."

“GQ said you're 5'5", the L.A. Times says you're 5'4", and some other place said you were 5'2",” Anderson Cooper says to comedian Kevin Hart, who tries to set the record straight. https://t.co/eosLqauiY2 pic.twitter.com/uh7BPaP2XX

— 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) April 21, 2024

As mentioned above, Hart has indeed poked fun at his own height in his work, including a joke (referenced in the Cooper interview) about his wife enjoying porn starring larger men, not to mention videos of "a bunch of tall men being active."

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Elsewhere in the Cooper chat, Hart was hit with a question regarding his wealth, with the two-time Peabody winner asking if he's a billionaire.

"None of your business, man," Hart initially joked. "You trying to get me robbed?"

On a more serious note, Hart gave a forward-thinking answer to the billionaire status inquiry. What’s more important to him, Hart said, is that his approach to the industry at large could one day serve as a blueprint for those who come after him.

"Even if I don’t or if I’m not, I think the better side to what I’ve done is create what can become the new norm for other people in the business of funny, for other people in the business of entertainment, right?" Hart said. "Not just being a part of the business but learning and understanding how to be the business."

See more from Hart and Cooper's conversation below.

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In March, Hart was honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in a special ceremony held at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. As part of a recently announced partnership, Hart’s Kenny Center ceremony will debut on Netflix on May 11, coinciding with the streamer’s Netflix Is a Joke festival.

Hart kicked off his 2024 with the Netflix release of the F. Gary Gray-directed heist comedy Lift, also starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sam Worthington. He’ll next be seen in Eli Roth’s Borderlands adaptation alongside Cate Blanchett.

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