Woman Who Accused Jonathan Majors of Assault Arrested, DA Says They 'Decline to Prosecute'

The actor has denied the allegations against him, with a legal rep previously saying he was "entirely innocent."

jonathan majors red carpet photo
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jonathan majors red carpet photo

The woman who accused Jonathan Majors of assault earlier this year was arrested and released on a desk ticket on Wednesday in connection with the same alleged incident.

Per The Messenger’s Elizabeth Rosner and Charlotte Phillipp report earlier this week, a “domestic violence charge” was previously confirmed by a rep for the New York City Police Department. Grace Jabbari's desk appearance ticket means she will be required to make a court appearance down the line.

Wednesday night, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Jabbari had been arrested on misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief counts.

When reached for comment by Complex on Tuesday, a legal rep for Majors declined to comment. Meanwhile, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office pointed to a recent filing in which it was stated that Jabbari’s attorney was informed that they would “decline to prosecute” if she were ultimately arrested. Additionally, the defense’s legal team was also informed.

Here's how it's worded in the docs:

"On September 8, 2023, and September 12, 2023, the prosecution informed the NYPD that the People would decline to prosecute any charges brought by the NYPD against Ms. Jabbari related to the belated allegations made by defendant regarding the incident on March 25, 2023."

Dustin Pusch of Meier Watkins Phillips Pusch LLP, who is an attorney representing Jonathan Majors, shared the following statement with Complex:

"With her arrest yesterday, the public learned that the NYPD determined probable cause exists to charge Grace Jabbari for the crimes she committed against Jonathan Majors.  This decision came after the NYPD’s thorough and lengthy investigation.  Instead of acting on the findings from law enforcement, the District Attorney’s office unilaterally and without explanation has decided not to prosecute Ms. Jabbari for her misdeeds and the documented injuries she caused Mr. Majors.  


While Mr. Majors is thankful that the NYPD corroborated his account, it is a serious injustice that the District Attorney continues to move forward with its case against him.  These recent revelations raise grave questions about the impartiality and transparency of the prosecutors’ discretion, due process, and equal protection under the law."

Complex has also reached out to the NYPD for comment on the arrest. This story may be updated.

Majors was accused of assault and arrested in New York back in March, with a legal rep saying at the time that the Magazine Dreams actor was “entirely innocent” of what was alleged in the charges. This week, Rolling Stone's Cheyenne Roundtree reported that a recent motion filed in the case saw the actor’s legal team being accused of staging publicity stunts.

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