John Oliver Returns to His 'Last Week Tonight' Throne to Shred Republicans for Jeopardizing Voting Rights

Praise be to John.

When you walked outside this morning, did you notice the difference? Something victorious in the air, maybe? Of course you did. John Oliver made his ridiculously long overdue return to his Last Week Tonight truth duties on Sunday night, taking aim at the increasingly troubling realities surrounding voter ID laws ahead of what might very well become one of the most divided elections in the nation's history.

Succinctly described by Oliver as "the cornerstone of American democracy [and] the unshakeable principle that everyone should have an equal vote, even idiots," voting rights are sadly taken very much for granted by many across the country. To prove this unfortunate reality, Oliver took specific (and predictably perfect) aim at Republican leaders who have made it their life's work to continue complicating the process of voting until certain unfairly targeted voting groups are omitted from the equation entirely.

While these same Republicans argue that these unnecessarily extensive voter ID laws (which greatly impact minority voters) are put in place solely to protect against voter fraud, Oliver (and anyone else with a nice brain) is simply not convinced. In fact, Oliver argues that voter fraud of that level is about as common as "deadly knife play by crabs."

Welcome back, John. We've been starving for truth here in the States.

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