John Oliver Calls for Police Accountability by Shattering the "Few Bad Apples" Theory

John Oliver isn't here for police brutality apologists' "a few bad apples" theory. The real problem, Oliver said Sunday, is policing itself.

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Despite a series of examples proving otherwise, police brutality apologists have continued to chime into the police reform debate with the "few bad apples" theory. Judging by their assessment of the brutality crisis, there's no problem whatsoever with how communities are policed. They instead insist that these so-called "bad apples" are to blame. John Oliver, fresh off a few weeks' worth of finally ripping into the Trump campaign, dedicated Sunday's Last Week Tonight to breaking down exactly why this "bad apples" theory is a crock of shit.

"Snow White wasn't afraid of apples before she took a bite out of one really bad one," Oliver noted Sunday. "But I'm telling you, the next time an old lady comes to her with a piece fruit, Snow is going to get the fuck out of there." Following that slice of truth, Oliver gave viewers a deep-dive on all the nonsense police (and even high schools) were doing instead of addressing the real issue: policing itself.

"The phrase isn't 'It's just a few bad apples, don't worry about it,' the phrase is, 'A few bad apples spoil the barrel,'" Oliver explained. "And we currently have a system set up to ignore bad apples, destroy bad apples' records, persecute good apples for speaking up, and shuffle dangerous, emotionally unstable apples around to the point that children have to attend fucking apple classes. You can't look at our current situation and claim that anybody likes them apples."

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