John Oliver Blasts Toyota for Making Vehicles That ISIS Absolutely Loves

"The amazing thing is that this is not a new story," Oliver says. "Terrorist groups love Toyota vehicles."

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Sure. Toyota makes fine automobiles, including the official Larry-David-mobile, but what's the deal with all the apparent fandom from ISIS? Once again sliding into his usual stance of late-night heroism, John Oliver used a sizeable chunk of the most recent Last Week Tonight to explore this bizarre phenomenon.

"Finally tonight," Oliver begins, "we move to Toyota, makers of the 92 Camry where you got your first backseat handjob. Toyota is famous for making dependable vehicles, but this week, we learned something surprising about who exactly has been depending on them." ISIS. The answer here, as Oliver displays in a variety of recent news clips, is ISIS. "It seems that Toyotas are being used as instruments of death," Oliver outlines. "That’s a bold move because, traditionally, 'death on wheels' has very much been GM’s brand."

As Oliver notes, there's also the wonderfully hilarious existence of a Toyota vehicle actually named ISIS. As you may or may not have expected, the Toyota ISIS is essentially a minivan:

"Come on, Toyota!" Oliver begs. "You’re giving ISIS built-in vanity plates! Come on down to ISIS Toyota. Our salesmen are terrorists you can negotiate with!" All of this, of course, continues to prove that #JohnOliver2020 is definitely something that should happen.

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