Is Warner Bros. Planning to Give Jared Leto’s Joker a ‘Suicide Squad’ Spin-Off?

Warner Bros. may give Jared Leto’s Joker character a ‘Suicide Squad’ spin-off.

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Good news for Jared Leto enthusiasts: Dude might be getting his own Suicide Squad spin-off. Though David Ayer's take on DC's Squad doesn't even hit theaters until August, chatter of sequels and spin-offs has reached some downright dizzying heights over the past few months. The latest whisperings, obtained by We Got This Covered's sources, points to a long and rewarding future for Ayer's Squad that should help everyone completely forget about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

According to sources, Margot Robbie isn't the only Squad star set for solo glory. "The studio is feeling very confident in the property," sources said. "They think it's going to be a really big hit and they think audiences are going to fall in love with these characters." To capitalize on this potential, Warner Bros. is reportedly looking at spin-off properties for both Leto's Joker and Jai Courtney's character Boomerang:

"The Joker is a definite possibility for a spin-off, and Jared [Leto] seems up for it from what I've been told. They’re also really hot on Jai Courtney’s character Boomerang right now. Nothing's set in stone yet, but you’re definitely going to be seeing a lot more of these guys in the years to come."

Possible objections to Leto's dedicated approach to method acting aside, this is extremely good news. Ayer has already pretty much promised to fight for an R-rated Squad sequel, not to mention the fact that the first Squad is already garnering effusive praise from audiences lucky enough to catch an early screening.

Time to start brewing new ways to freak out your co-stars, Jared Leto.

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