iPhone 4s Users Sue Apple for Millions After Software Update Cripples Their Ancient Devices

Time for an update.

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Approximately one trillion years ago, Apple released a device colloquially known as the iPhone 4s. At the time, it was a very (very) dope device. However, approximately one trillion years later, society has moved on to far more impressive versions of the exact same thing. Though it's not quite a full-on burner phone, the iPhone 4s is now often viewed as a relic from a bygone era offering a fascinating glimpse at a simpler time.

For reasons not entirely clear, at least 100 purists still prefer the iPhone 4s and have decided to come together in the spirit of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. The class action suit was filed in New York district court earlier this week, BGR reports. The suit alleges that the recent iOS 9 update, despite being advertised as backwards compatible with the 4s, eventually "crippled" the devices. For their trouble, these retro iPhoners are seeking $5 million from Apple.

According to these obviously annoyed iPhone 4s users, Apple was well aware that the update would cripple their devices and ultimately force them to buy another (not ancient) phone. Of course, $5 million should buy everyone plenty of old iPhones.

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