The Full Trailer for the New 'Hey Arnold!' Movie Teases Whereabouts of Arnold's Parents

Nostalgia is a business model and Nickelodeon is sticking to it.

Nickelodeon doesn't really need to give anyone a reason for reviving the Hey Arnold! franchise with a new TV movie. Even the biggest nostalgia haters among us will likely catch Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie at some point, even if only to make sure Grandpa is still just as fashion-forward as he was during the show's original 1996-2004 run.

Friday, Nickelodeon unveiled the film's first full-length trailer during the New York Comic Con festivities. 

We just saw the first trailer for #HeyArnold #TheJungleMovie!!! 😱😱😱

— Nickelodeon (@Nickelodeon) October 6, 2017

The network officially hit the two-part Jungle Movie with the green light last year, and revealed the story—which centers on Arnold getting the scoop on what the hell happened to his famously absent parents—was penned by series creator Craig Bartlett. The movie will also give fans some insight on other unresolved plot lines, effectively serving as a sequel to the 2002 arthouse gem Hey Arnold! The Movie.​

Shortly after Friday's NYCC presentation, Nickelodeon shared a special "super" version of the trailer:

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Dan Castellaneta, Mason Vale Cotton, Benjamin Flores Jr., Francesca Marie Smith, Olivia Hack, and dozens more will contribute their voice talents to what has been touted as the definitive Hey Arnold! experience. The Jungle Movie premieres Nov. 24.


Speaking of nostalgia, Nickelodeon has taken a deep dive into the dangerously alluring feeling in recent years. In addition to Arnold's revival, the Nick team has also recently resurrected Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and the admittedly underrated (so underrated) Rocko's Modern Life. The latter wallaby-centered comedy only ran for four seasons, but made quite a dent in the TV landscape by constantly pissing off parents for its envelope-pushing.

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