From a New 'Hey Arnold' Movie to Marvel's New Series: The 6 Biggest Announcements From Comic-Con 2017

From Nickelodeon bringing back old favorites to season 2 of 'Riverdale,' here's the best of the rest from Comic-Con 2017.

Seth Rogen and Dominic Cooper at San Diego Comic Con 2017

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Seth Rogen and Dominic Cooper at San Diego Comic Con 2017

At its heart, San Diego Comic-Con is a convention for comic book lovers. You get to shake hands with the people who write and draw the books you're hitting shops for on a weekly basis. What San Diego Comic-Con has become, though, is so much more.

For those of us who want to keep abreast with what's going on (or will be going on) with movies and television, this is the place to get your fill. From superhero properties to the biggest and brightest of the non-Oscar bait-y material, you can't beat San Diego Comic-Con as the go-to extravaganza for what's going to be popping in entertainment in the coming year.

Over the weekend, there were a number of megaton bombs that Marvel, DC, HBO, and Netflix dropped. We got word on Wonder Woman 2, excellent trailers for the second seasons of Stranger Things and Westworld, as well as a cornucopia of Marvel news. The thing is, those weren't the only companies rolling through Comic-Con, but you may have missed some of the real gems if you weren't paying close enough attention. Here's a look at 6 other announcements that you need to keep on your radar for the very near future.

Herr Starr in this new Preacher trailer

While we're essentially halfway through season two of Preacher, this new trailer proves that we've only just begun. The biggest moment in this is seeing Herr Starr, one of the more memorable characters from the Preacher comic book series. He's just as perverse (and deadly) as he was in the comics and looks to be injecting himself into Jesse's search for God with the quickness.

The Ready Player One teaser

Steven Spielberg's long-awaited Ready Player One, which is adapted from the Ernest Cline book of the same title, is a pop culture smorgasbord of virtual reality insanity. There aren't too many places someone can throw on some goggles and engage in spine-tingling battles with the likes of Freddy Kruger and Harley Quinn while cruising around in the Delorean from Back to the Future. The clip looks epic but only teases so much of the story. We'll have some time to learn more as this movie doesn't hit theaters until March 2018, but this was a strong debut.

Fox's intriguing look at The Gifted

I can totally understand if you're not fully onboard with Bryan Singer's The Gifted, the Fox series that's linked to the X-Men Cinematic Universe. While no actual X-Men appear in the clip, we get a deep story about a family, one where the father is a mutant hunter who finds out his children are mutants. The battle to keep his kids safe, while also dealing with a rogue batch of mutants, looks intense. Polaris is one to watch, although truth be told, the effects on the powers definitely stand out here. This looks like it'll end up being more about the relationship with the family than anything, but maybe that's what the sometime-y X-Men series needs.

Nickelodeon bringing back two of its greatest properties

If you grew up on cartoons like Hey Arnold! and Rocko's Modern Life as a kid, Nickelodeon's got some fire for you. The first was a sneak peek at Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, a two-part TV special that'll be shown on Nick at some point soon. Fans have been waiting for over a year to get word on this, so it's dope to see the squad back together.

Nick also released a teaser for Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling, which will be a one-hour TV special with Rocko and the squad trying to get a handle on today's society.

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is set to premiere on November 23, while Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling is due out in 2018.

The CW's Black Lightning using "an authentic black voice"

While so much lip service is being paid to Marvel's Black Panther (for good reason), there was also some new information released on Black Lightning, which is debuting on The CW in 2018 as the latest superhero property on the network. Salim Akil, who is one of the executive producers on the series, is saying Jefferson Pierce is "the epitome of what black men are: He loves his wife, his children, and the community. This family is the Obamas of the superhero world. This show will have an authentic black voice. This character will add something to the conversation."

Interestingly enough, while it deals with DC Comics property and will be on The CW, Black Lightning is said to be operating on its own and won't inhabit the Arrowverse (which includes shows like ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl).

The return of Riverdale

The CW's surprise hit Riverdale took over Comic-Con with a bunch of new information on the second season, which debuts on October 11 and has been expanded to a 22-episode run. Entertainment Weekly dropped a gang of information from the panel, which includes information on that season one cliffhanger ending, the debut of Hiram Lodge (who's being played by Mark Consuelos), the debut of Veronica's ex-boyfriend Nick St. Clair, and much, much more. For now, just get in tune with the latest Riverdale season two trailer, which appears at the end of this season one blooper reel.

Things are not always as they seem in #Riverdale! Season 2 premieres October 11 at 8/7c on The CW.

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