Mercifully, the Halloween season is almost upon us, bringing with it the sequel to last year’s box office-reviving mega-hit Halloween Kills

As fans have been discussing for some time now, Halloween Ends—which again sees David Gordon Green in the director’s chair—is expected to bring with it some sort of finality for Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie Strode. Notably, this isn’t a spoiler, as Curtis herself has teased the final-feeling aspects of the trilogy-closing film (which will stand as the 13th total entry in the larger Halloween franchise) on social media and elsewhere.

“A bittersweet END for me on the Halloween movies,” she wrote in an Instagram post commemorating the wrap of principal production on Ends earlier this year. “I’ve made great friends and have collaborated with wonderful artists on these three movies and today my part in the film has been completed and with it the END for me of this trilogy.”

More recently, the two-time Golden Globe-winner spoke a bit more definitively about the Halloween Ends experience and what it means for the character, telling Salon it was “deeply emotional and cathartic” to shoot what she described as the “last shot” of Strode.

“I mean, when you call her a final girl—I never really understood how important that name was until I made this last movie. And now I really understand it,” she said.

Halloween Ends, based on characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, is slated to hit theaters on Oct. 14. Green directs from a script by himself and Danny McBride, with whom he previously collaborated on last year’s Halloween Kills and 2018’s franchise-restarter Halloween (not to mention their extensive work together on Eastbound & Down and The Righteous Gemstones, among other projects).

See the new trailer above.