'Face/Off' Reboot Is Actually a Sequel Helmed by 'Godzilla vs. Kong' Director Adam Wingard

There's a new 'Face/Off' on the horizon, and while original leads Nic Cage and John Travolta are not expected to return, the film is indeed a sequel.


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Depending on your level of studiousness when it comes to ‘90s-era Nicolas Cage action classics, you may or may not recall the chatter surrounding a reboot of the 1997 John Woo blockbuster Face/Off, co-starring John Travolta.

We now have more word on the project, with Deadline reporting this week that Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard has been tapped by Paramount Pictures to bring the new story to life. In addition to helming the feature, Wingard—whose other directing credits include You’re Next, Blair Witch, and Death Note—will write the script with Simon Barrett.

In the publication’s initial report, the film was again described as both a “re-imagining” and reboot of Woo’s original, which was shot from a script by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary. But in an update to that report on Thursday afternoon, Deadline noted it received “some clarity” on the new Face/Off. It’s actually being treated as a sequel to the original. The leads, however, are still expected to be re-cast in Wingard’s movie.

Face/Off—complete with an infamously ludicrous plot centered on an FBI agent’s shrewd facial transplant procedure—was quite a hit back in 1997. Per Box Office Mojo, the film ultimately bagged more than $112 million in U.S. theaters.

In the event that Face/Off hasn’t made its way into your viewing roster, here’s a taste:

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Elsewhere in the Cage universe, fans have much to look forward to in the coming months, including the delightfully off-the-wall Prisoners of the Ghostland and a turn as Joe Exotic.

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