F. Gary Gray Confirms He Will Direct 'Furious 8'

Gray says he's "excited to bring you the next chapter of the #FastFamily saga."

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Just days after Vin Dieselteased the possibility on Facebook, Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray has confirmed his position in the director's chair for the forthcoming Furious 8. This, of course, temporarily destroys everyone's wish (fear?) that Diesel would simply slide into that chair himself:

As previously reported, the latest Furious entry (the first in the series' planned "final trilogy") is expected to begin production with the usual suspects as soon as April. Diesel's recent thoughts on the inevitable end of the franchise, including that aforementioned trilogy of a goodbye, have greatly comforted Furious fans thanks to his hinting that the narrative of Furious 8 will return its focus to the world of street racing.

Though the fact that Gray is helming Furious 8 does temporarily pause Diesel's previously expressed directorial desires, let's not forget that we do have two more Furious chapters to go. Hang in there, Vin.

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