Ezra Miller Reportedly Has Mother and Three Children Living on ‘Unsafe’ Farm With Assault Weapons 'Lying Around'

Ezra Miller has been a frequent headlines presence over the past several months, including for a number of arrests and other incidents in Hawaii.

ezra miller children living farm

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ezra miller children living farm

At Ezra Miller’s Vermont farm, sources allege in a new Rolling Stone piece, a mother and her three children are living in what’s described as “chaotic” and “unsafe” conditions.

The sources in question are said to have spoken out anonymously “for fear of retribution,” alleging that Miller’s property includes the presence of “unattended” firearms. Additionally, footage from the property is reported to show firearms—including assault weapons—“lying around” in a living room setting. Per the report, guns are also seen “propped up” beside an assortment of stuffed animals in the footage shared via sources.

As alleged by one source, one of the woman’s three children—a one-year-old—at one point placed a “loose bullet” in her mouth.

The woman in question is also anonymously quoted in the Thursday-published report, as is the children’s father. According to the woman, 25, Miller’s residence has provided her and the children with a “healing” space after experiencing alleged abuse, which the father has denied.

The woman is reported to have been living at the Vermont farm since April after initially meeting Miller in the Hilo area of Hawaii. As previously reported, Miller made headlines in connection with a number of incidents while in the area, including their arrest on disorderly conduct and harassment charges.

See the full Rolling Stone report on the alleged conditions of Miller’s 96-acre property here.

In an unrelated incident, Miller was accused earlier this month of grooming activist Tokata Iron Eyes when they were a minor, with their parents claiming in a court filing that Miller had engaged in physical and emotional abuse. Tokata spoke out against these claims in a subsequent social media update, saying the allegations “hold no weight” and are instead rooted in transphobia.

Amid their prior controversies, it was reported—also byRolling Stone—that Warner Bros. and DC execs had held an emergency meeting in March focused on talks of Miller’s future, including their not-yet-released Flash film.

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