Exclusive: Casey Affleck Fights Back Against Corrupt Cops in Explosive 'Triple 9' Trailer

'Triple 9' lands in theaters on Feb. 26.

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When the Russian mafia attempts to blackmail a group of corrupt police officers, the dirty cops are forced to find a way to successfully pull off a ridiculously difficult heist. After presumably watching the entire Ocean's Trilogy, the cops decide that the only way to reasonably get this heist off without facing the wrath of fellow law enforcement officials and the Russian mafia is to set up a rookie officer, Casey Affleck, to be murdered.

Triple 9, directed by John Hillcoat (the super underrated Lawless), follows the slimy underworld of police corruption with an attention to fast-paced action sequences and a truly top-shelf cast that inadvertently brings together two of television's most beloved TV stars:

In addition to AMC juggernauts Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus, Triple 9 also features heist-appropriate turns from Woody Harrelson, Anthony Mackie, Kate Winslet, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The Matt Cook-penned film, thankfully rated R and featuring music by The Social Network Oscar-winner Atticus Ross, brings its fresh take on the heist genre to theaters on Feb. 26.

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