An armored truck heist last year saw culprits get away with a little over $1 million. On Thursday, FBI agents recovered $600,000 of that money after digging in the backyard of the heist’s mastermind, Cesar Yanez.

The June 2014 heist, led by armored-truck driver Cesar Yanez who worked for security company Loomis, along with co-worker Aldo Esquivel Vega, happened when the two were transporting millions of dollars to Bank of America locations. At one point they stopped in a parking lot and put $1,086,000 in a trash can to be picked up by an accomplice later. Yanez’s wife, Leticia Yanez, is a suspect in the case. 

Authorities discovered the $600K in cash wrapped carefully at Yanez’s Southern California home in Fontana, according to Ari DeKofsky, an FBI spokeswoman. Back in November, authorities found $85,000 at the same home. Authorities are still searching for the missing $300,000.

In August, Yanez was convicted to almost five years in prison for bank larceny and conspiracy.

[via CNN]