Emma Chamberlain Looks Back on Her and Jack Harlow's Viral Met Gala Clip on ‘Hot Ones’

Emma Chamberlain talks Jack Harlow, the evolution of her editing style, the best types of peanut butter, and much more in the latest 'Hot Ones.'

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It’s Hot Ones time once again, this time with 21-year-old multi-hyphenate Emma Chamberlain.

Tucked into the latest instance of host Sean Evans providing top-tier guests with hot questions and even hotter wings was a mention of this year’s Met Gala, the red carpet proceedings for which were hosted by Chamberlain. As viewers will recall, at some point during the festivities, Chamberlain interviewed Jack Harlow.

But it was the closing seconds of that interview that ultimately started making the rounds, namely an exchange of “love ya” at the close of Chamberlain and Harlow’s conversation, followed by a widely memed reaction from the former.


Reply to @livvy_loo5 she was indeed too stunned to speak. @missionaryjack and #EmmaChamberlain on the #MetGala red carpet.

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“Okay, a highlight was, like, accidentally having my first meme moment,” Chamberlain said when asked around the 10:30 mark about her Met Gala red carpet experience. “Like whoa. Thank you, Jack Harlow. I still, like, have never spoken to him about that so I think we could have a fun bonding moment over that next time I run into him.”

The “lowlight” of the evening, however, complicated the experience. As Chamberlain revealed during a hot sauce-fueled recollection, she was actually dealing with a tonsil stone situation at the time.

“We got through it but that was shitty,” she said.

Elsewhere, Chamberlain broke down how her preferred style of video editing has changed over the years and also reflected on her biggest triumphs and failures in the cooking tutorial space. See the full new episode up top, then get caught up on all things Hot Ones (including recent episodes featuring Cate Blanchett and Cole Bennett) by hitting this link.

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