El Chapo Had a Ridiculous Amount of Conjugal Visits Before Calmly Breaking Out of Maximum-Security Prison

This is real life.

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As if the cinematic ridiculousness that isJoaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera’s life wasn’t preposterous enough, we now have this. El Chapo was reportedly granted nearly four dozen conjugal visits during the year and a half he spent at Mexico's "highest-security" prison, according to the Huffington Post. In simpler terms: El Chapo had a remarkable 46 conjugal visits before promptly escaping prison as the guards may or may not have ignored loud hammering noises while playing solitaire.

This seemingly high frequency of conjugal visits was first uncovered by journalist Anabel Hernández, with further details emerging in October before that eventual exact number of 46. Per Mexican law, prisoners may "designate a spouse or partner to solicit authorization" for these conjugal visits. Each inmate is allowed just one authorized person, with the additional requirement that the inmate's relationship with the authorized party have been established prior to being locked up.

The maximum-security prison where El Chapo was (temporarily) held is reportedly "known" for high conjugal visits rates. However, just 20 percent of prisoners actually receive them, and at a much more modest rate of "about once a month," says Animal Politico. "The daily routine of the drug lord in prison was far from a punishment," Anabel Hernandez said in Proceso earlier this year. Compared with the apparent prison average of one visit per month (for those who actually receive them), El Chapo’s rough average of one visit every nine days seems, fittingly, preposterous.

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