Dr. Phil Now Considers Bhad Bhabie Episode His 'Moment of Infamy'

Dr. Phil, admittedly, doesn't appear to be familiar with Bhad Bhabie's more recent work.

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Television psychology personality Phil McGraw now considers his role in the rise of Bhad Bhabie to be his "moment of infamy."

McGraw, who hosts the daytime Dr. Phil series, said as much during a recent podcast sit-down with Joe Rogan. Asked about the indeed infamous episode in which a pre-Bhad Bhabie Danielle Bregoli delivered her "cash me ousside" catchphrase, McGraw gave a little insight on the behind-the-scenes work that went into packaging her story.

"It's my moment of infamy," he said. "No, I mean, seriously, this girl comes on...her mother actually brings her on, of course, and she's a train wreck. We work with her and we send her to this ranch for, like, four months, right? She goes for a long time and makes a complete turnaround, does a really great job. They say she's become a leader, she's working with all these girls, doing a great job. And then she graduates."


According to McGraw, a single night back at her mother's house caused a "crash." Though McGraw doesn't appear to be familiar with any Bhad Bhabie hits in this interview, he did soften his "infamy" opener with some well wishes. "I take no credit or blame, you know, I just did what I could and haven't seen her since," he said, later adding that he hopes she's turned the Dr. Phil moment into "something positive."

Most recently, Bhad Bhabie enlisted none other than the recently freed DMX for her new "Bestie" video with Kodak Black.

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