Dashcam Footage Captures the Terrifying Arrival of a Meteor in Thailand

Though many have speculated that the terrifying bright light might have been some form of extraterrestrial interference, scientists beg to differ.

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With civilian use of increasingly affordable dashcams on the rise across the globe, more and more of nature's random fits of amazement are being captured for all to enjoy. Of course, part of that "enjoy" process involves obsessive speculation, as was the case for the meteor captured in the dashcam footage above by satellite engineer Porjai Jaturongkhakun.

"It was the middle of a blue sky day and there was a quick, bright light coming down,” Jaturongkhakun tells Discovery News. "I usually see shooting stars at night but I have never seen one in the day before." This "quick bright light," described by many as a "fireball," inspired almost immediate theories as to its possible connections with the inevitable arrival of extraterrestrial beings:

What the fuck hit Thailand ... shit just doesn't blow up to slow Down before hitting the earth ! #aliens or #fireball #Thailand #wtf

— greg massicotte (@Gregory0294) September 8, 2015

However, scientists predictably beg to differ. "It was a meteor for sure, I am confident, because it was fast and very bright," Voravit Tanvuttibundit, an adviser to the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, tells the press. "It is a normal occurrence but the meteor this morning was especially big and very bright."


So, aliens? No. Compelling footage, no matter what? Yes.

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