'Daredevil' Season Two Trailer Proves Jon Bernthal Is Ready to Do Some Punishing

Netflix is currently (wisely) considering a 'Punisher' spin-off series.

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The post-Walking Dead life of Jon Bernthal (RIP Shane) just keeps getting stacked with future brags, with the latest Daredevil trailer turning up the hype surrounding his debut as The Punisher to some possibly dangerous levels. The two-minute (plus) tease gives us our most thorough look yet at Bernthal's take on the iconic antihero, including some dope facial scars:

As previously reported, Netflix is currently deep in discussions about giving Jon Bernthal's Punisher a series of his own. Though you certainly don't need us to tell you this, that is some truly great news. "People have been coming up to me on the streets of New York saying, 'Do not mess this up,'" Bernthal told Entertainment Weekly earlier this month. "This character has resonated with law enforcement and military. He's brought the war home with him in the worst possible way. And the best thing about him is that if he offends you, he just doesn't care."

According to a report from TV Line earlier this month, Netflix is "this close" to giving a Punisher series the go-ahead. In the meantime, enjoy Frank Castle's acts of punishment on the second season of Daredevil on Mar. 18.

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