Watch the New Trailer for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 11

The new trailer for Season 11 of Larry David's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' is here. The critically acclaimed series returns to HBO later this month.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm is back with another expertly curated variety of cringe and cringe-adjacent hilarity.

Wednesday, HBO shared a trailer for the celebrated comedy’s new season, which—as star and creator Larry David recently addressed—was shot amid pandemic complications. The trailer sees David proclaiming that he’s “too smart” to be stuck in traffic, explaining how baldness proves that prayer doesn’t work, and engaging in much more that shouldn’t be spoiled here.

Among the guest stars featured in the trailer are Jon Hamm, whose LD-inspired movie role (a key facet of Season 10) has apparently been called off, and Seth Rogen. We also get a brief glimpse at Richard Lewis, who will be appearing on one episode this season after recovering from multiple surgeries.

During a Jimmy Kimmel Live!appearance earlier this week, David brought with him a Season 11 clip in which he’s seen asking Lewis, “When are you gonna die?” As David explained after the clip played, the strength of his and Lewis’ longtime friendship is the reason he’s able to deliver such a line in that fashion.

“I have other best friends and those other best friends are gonna get very insulted but he’s definitely, definitely, very, very best friend-y,” David said. Both David and Kimmel also agreed that Lewis is indeed one of the all-time greats of comedy, a sentiment by which Lewis was “completely blown away.”

Calling himself a “blessed guy,” Lewis praised both David and Kimmel in a tweet on Wednesday. 

Curb kicks off its ten-episode new season on Oct. 24 via HBO. New episodes will air on subsequent Sundays and will also be made available to stream via HBO Max.

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