Complex's New Netflix Original Comedy 'Sneakerheads' Coming in September

'Sneakerheads,' created by Jay Longino, stars Allen Maldonado as an ex-sneakerhead who's lured back into the game only to find himself $5,000 in the hole.

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Allen Maldonado stars in Sneakerheads, a new Complex Networks original production created by Jay Longino, who also serves as showrunner.

The series focuses on ex-sneakerhead Devin, played by Maldonado, a stay-at-home father who’s lured back into the game and is almost immediately placed $5,000 in the hole after an old friend—Bobby (played by Andrew Bachelor a.k.a. King Bach)—pulls a get-rich-quick scheme.

"Sneakerheads is a fun and adventurous take on the world of sneakers from the scope of an ex-sneakerhead, who 'relapses,'" Maldonado says of the new Complex original. "This is for sneakerheads worldwide, we putting on for you."

Now thousands down after this "relapse," Sneakerheads sees Devin put together a group of fellow footwear enthusiasts to traverse the world in search of the ever-elusive Zeroes, a "holy grail" of sorts for collectors.

Maldonado and Bachelor are joined in the Sneakerheads cast by Jearnest Corchado, Matthew Josten, Yaani King Mondschein, Justin Lee, and Aja Evans.

In a statement, Longino said the series—directed by prolific music video auteur Dave Meyers—marked a unique and rare opportunity for him to bring to life one of his passion projects.

"The show may be called Sneakerheads but you don't have to be a collector or even know anything about shoes to relate to what it's really about," Longino said. "Things like friendship, family and pursuit of a passion are themes that resonate with everyone. When I was a kid growing up in Atlanta, MJ gave me a pair of his game-worn White Cement 4s after he dropped 48 in them against the Hawks. A few years later, my mom accidentally sold them in a garage sale. I obviously didn't know it at the time, but that moment was the seed that ultimately grew into Sneakerheads."

Sneakerheads launches Sept. 25 and is executive-produced by Longino, Meyers, Inny Clemons, Complex Network's Justin Killion, Olive Bridge Entertainment's Will Gluck and Richard Schwartz, Haven’s Kevin Mann and Brendan Bragg, Jason Belleville, and Rod Grable.

For more info, keep tabs on the Netflix launch page.

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