Chrissy Teigen Blasts Twitter Trolls for Making Fun of Kim Kardashian Robbery

Chrissy Teigen took aim at those who used news of Kim Kardashian being robbed at gunpoint as an opportunity to crack jokes.

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When news broke that Kim Kardashian had been the victim of a terrifying armed robbery in Paris, most fans expressed their concern and support for the family during what was certainly an emotionally taxing time. Sadly, a few apparent trolls took the opportunity to make light of the situation with some tasteless tweeted jokes. Chrissy Teigen, a friend of the Kardashian fam, immediately took issue with this.

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"Some shit just isn't funny," Teigen said Sunday night, shortly after Kanye West abruptly ended his Meadows Festival headlining set upon word of the attack on Kim Kardashian. "I see you trying, but it isn't." Teigen then responded to a series of tweets mocking the incident while calling for empathy and noting that she understands some people find the very idea of fame "laughable."

As we sadly could have predicted far in advance, some even took issue with Teigen taking issue. But Teigen isn't having any of that nonsense either:

Though the Kardashian family hasn't spoken publicly regarding the armed robbery, authorities in Paris released details of the terrifying attack overnight:

The French Interior Ministry said Monday that five men wearing ski masks and police jackets tied up the concierge at the Paris hotel where Kardashian owns an apartment, E! Newsreported. After two of the attackers made their way into Kardashian's residence, she was bound and gagged at gunpoint while they made off with approximately $10 million in jewelry and two cellphones. The unidentified men are believed to still be at large.

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