Obese Couple Undergoing Weight-Loss Surgery So They Can Finally Consummate Their Marriage

The couple has been together since 2010.

A Chinese married couple, who describe themselves as being "as wide as they are tall," are aiming to achieve their dream of becoming parents by undergoing weight-loss surgery together. Lin Yue and Deng Yang have been married since 2010, but have yet to consummate their union due to their combined weight of nearly 882 pounds. The two reportedly traveled to Changchun this week to begin treatment for "rapid weight loss" via gastric bypass surgery, according to Central European News by way of the Daily Mirror.

The couple, who admit that their marriage has been made difficult by their obesity, were reportedly inspired by a woman known as the "heaviest person in China," who underwent the same surgery earlier this year in an effort to combat obesity. However, according to Deng, their dream of becoming parents was "enough" of a reason for them to lose weight and take control of their health.

Love, despite what other events in 2015 may have caused you to believe, is indeed real.

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