'Captain America: Civil War' Is Already Doing Major Box Office Numbers Overseas

The longest Marvel movie ever may also become the biggest Marvel movie ever.

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Marvel knows money. Money knows Marvel. So the fact that Captain America: Civil War is already raking it in by the millions in foreign markets should come as little surprise, right? Fair enough. But these numbers are pretty damn big. Civil War kicked off the money marathon with a hefty $14.9 million as it opened in 15 overseas markets on Wednesday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The longest Marvel movie ever is currently on track to hit $200 million (or more) by Sunday, with THR noting that the film will have opened in "roughly 63 percent" of the overall foreign marketplace by then. Civil War's $2.4 million haul in France now stands as the biggest opening day of the year, while its $1.1 million take in Hong Kong stands as the third largest opening of all time.

This early look at Civil War's box office potential already places it well above the performance of The Winter Solider, which opened overseas with a $78 million weekend. But what does this mean for the domestic dollars presumably set to start rolling in on May 6? As previously reported, THR's box office analysts have Civil Waron track for a similarly massive opening weekend here in the states.

An opening weekend north of $175 million seems like a given at this point, with some experts even arguing (rather convincingly) that a $200 million opening is very much in the cards. Though besting Star Wars: The Force Awakens' preposterous $248 million opening may seem like a bit of a long shot, that extra $48 million may prove to be but a small hurdle for Marvel's latest box office dominator.

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