Apple Says iPhones Armed With the Latest iOS Are "Impossible" to Hack

Still rocking a struggle iPhone? Maybe you shouldn't.

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The allure of the Apple aesthetic is so strong, it's inspired otherwise frugal Harvard employees to blow $80,000 on iPads (and LEGO sets). It inspires others to penny-pinch just to grab an early upgrade so as not to be seen with an embarrassingly antiquated iPhone 5s, or worse: something called an iPhone 4 (never heard of it). Thankfully, thirsty tech consumers now have a very legitimate reason for staying on top of Apple's new releases: security against potential hackers, including those of the federal variety.

In a brief filed earlier this week regarding a case centered on Apple’s potential role in the execution of a search warrant, Apple told a federal judge that obtaining data stored on a locked iPhone armed with the latest operating system would be "impossible." The judge reportedly sought the company’s input in response to the Justice Department’s request to "force" the company to help various authorities access data on a seized device during an investigation, according to Raw Story

For devices running iOS 8 or higher, Apple said that granting the Justice Department’s potential request would be "impossible to perform" due to a recent feature that protects users’ data from anyone attempting to gain access without the user-generated passcode. However, for those still rocking a struggle iPhone, Apple says it still has the "technical ability" to help law enforcement officials unlock the device.

In summary: ditch the struggle phone and/or get a burner.

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