Anonymous Launches #OpFlint, Calls for Michigan Governor to Face Criminal Charges Over Toxic Water Crisis

"We will amplify your voice where the mainstream media will surely fail you," the group promised in an alleged video.

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Flint's ongoing "toxic waste" water crisis, as previously reported, has only grown more unfathomable with each passing day. With as many as 90,000 people exposed to potential lead poisoning and other dangerous elements simply by turning on the faucet, a state of emergency was declared by President Barack Obama earlier this week. However, citizens and fellow Americans alike are still calling for concrete answers as to how such an egregious mistake could have been allowed to persist.

Anonymous, the hacktivist collective allegedly responsible for recent attacks on Donald Trump and ISIS, has now launched #OpFlint in solidarity with impacted citizens. In a video (see above) that Vocativ confirms is affiliated with Anonymous, the group takes specific aim at the involvement of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. "The crimes committed by Governor Snyder as well as other city officials will not go unpunished," the group said in a statement. "The city of Flint deserved to be informed and made aware of the problem with the town drinking water. The fact that Governor Snyder stayed silent while the children of flint were poisoned says a lot about his character."

Adding that Snyder "needs to be reminded" that he was elected to serve the very people "he has poisoned," the group is calling for Snyder to face criminal charges of "either voluntary or involuntary manslaughter" and be sent to prison: "Governor Snyder and his cronies have brought pain, suffering, and possible death to the people of Flint."

Speaking with CBS in Detroit earlier this week, Obama voiced his own distrust of the series of events that ultimately caused this water crisis to reach catastrophic levels. "What is inexplicable and inexcusable is once people figured out that there was a problem there, and that there was lead in the water, the notion that immediately families weren't notified, things weren't shut down," Obama insisted. "That shouldn't happen anywhere."

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