While Californian officials struggle with a depleted supply of water, Michigan officials are saying there’s no problem with their water supply even though d­­octors are now warning that drinking the city’s lead-filled tap water could permanently lower your IQ, among other issues.

According to Vice, the city of Flint switched from getting its water supply from Detroit to the Flint River, which has seen double the levels of lead in tap water. This is due to the water coming into contact with service lines and pipes, requiring stricter treatment that the city is just not providing. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services insists that the situation is fine, saying the elevated levels are “seasonal and not related to the water supply.”

Doctors have urged pregnant women, senior citizens, and children to stop drinking the tap water, and Genesee County has issued a public health advisory. Lead poising in children can lead to issues ranging from learning difficulties and organ damage. As for adults, they’re prone to hearing complications, seizures, kidney damage, memory loss, and women are at risk for miscarriage.