Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Celebrate Win-Win Divorce Settlement Together at Strip Club

Wiz and Amber reached a win-win divorce settlement and celebrated at Ace of Diamonds strip club.

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Divorce isn't always a profound bummer. For former married couple Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, it's cause for celebration. The two, who have a three-year old son together, reached a divorce settlement Monday that should make all involved parties very happy indeed.

Wiz will keep the Pennsylvania house and 10 very fine automobiles, TMZ reports. Among Wiz’s collection are a '64 Impala, a '68 Camaro, a '69 Chevelle, and a Porsche. Rose gets $1 million thanks to the prenup, $644,000 of which Wiz still owes her. Rose will also see $14,800 a month in child support for their son Sebastian. The couple currently shares custody.

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The former couple had a proper divorce celebration Monday night at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in L.A., with TMZreporting they both "dished cash" to various performers. Despite some briefly rocky vibes between the two back in 2014 and 2015, Wiz and Rose have been a shining example in 2016 of how to set aside any differences in the name of the fam.

Too much fun with my Ex hubby last night & no we didn't celebrate our divorce we celebrated our love 4 each other cuz that never goes away❤️

Rose turned up at Wiz's Khalifa release party in New York in February, rocking social media with a few side-by-side photos:

Next up for the noted ChyRo co-signer is The Amber Rose Show, a Dr. Phil-esque VH1 series set to premiere June 17.

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