Marriage has, time and time again, proven itself to be a contractual obligation that's pretty damn hard to maintain. Love is reportedly awesome but, you know, shit inevitably happens. Throw an all-knowing Ouija board into the mix and the chances of said shit happening practically skyrocket, at least according to one concerned Reddit user.

The fascinating tale, first uncovered by Uproxx, begins with the spirit of one woman's grandfather. According to the Reddit user's breakdown of his conundrum, dude's wife is convinced he's cheating on her due to some apparently enlightening Ouija board conversations:

Last night, the board told her I'm cheating on her. She is so sure she's talking to her grandpa that she believes it and wants to go to counseling. Problem is, I'm not cheating on her and think it's her subconscious telling her something she's afraid of. I initially agreed to counseling, but she told me she wants to go to one who's "open," meaning "new age." Meaning the counselor will probably believe the board too.

There is no way I can convince my wife that she is not actually talking to her grandfather. She's convinced, religiously so. Not sure what to do here.

The couple's marriage, a remarkable 8 years deep, has now been placed on shaky ground thanks to these supposed Ouija revelations. The only problem? Dude totally loves his wife and says he is definitely not cheating. However, as revealed in the comments section, a super unfortunate coincidence is only making matters much much (so much!) worse.

When the man told his wife to simply ask the spirit to reveal the name of the person with whom he was supposedly cheating, the answer was a bit of a bummer for all involved. "It told her a name she didn't know," he writes. "She asked me about it and I admitted it's coincidentally the name of someone I work with, but am not even remotely attracted to. It IS a relatively common name though." Damn. Anyone care to help this dude out?

Our own Ouija board did not immediately respond to a request for comment.