Porn Star Safe After Crash-Landing Plane on California Highway

Danielle Lagree is perhaps most known as Alexis Ford, a star of adult-centered documentaries.

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Alexis Ford, the once-prolific porn actress known for her work in One Flew Over the Cuckold's Nest and Big Wet Asses 22, was forced to make an emergency landing in the middle of a highway in Ventura earlier this week. Ford, whose real name is Danielle Lagree, safely landed the plane after realizing it didn't have quite enough power to make it over some impending mountains.

"We were coming down," Lagree told KCAL 9 after the emergency landing, "and so we either were going to go on a dirt patch or we found the highway." Lagree is described as a "student pilot" and was reportedly flying with an instructor during the incident. "Thank God all the cars stopped except for one guy," Lagree added. "He went right underneath us and we landed and I was very shaken."

As the Federal Aviation Administration conducts an investigation to see what exactly went wrong with the craft, plenty of other people are busy freaking out about the fact that the pilot was indeed Danielle Lagree, a.k.a. the Artist Formerly Known as Alexis Ford. Lagree recently exited the porn industry after marrying a "fitness entrepreneur" and starting a business together, Tabloid Nation reports.

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