Believe it or not most Americans have more in common with recently wronged Miss Universe contestant Ariadna Gutierrez and Kim Davis than you would think. Gutierrez and Davis were both given porn offers (for $1 million and $500,000 respectively), but both women didn't accept. A new survey proves even with $1 million on the line most Americans wouldn't do porn, which isn't totally crazy given how tough it can be. However, 10 percent of Americans would bare it all. surveyed 1,000 people and tested how far they would go for money asking them if they would do things like shoplift, flash a stranger, or even, murder someone. The poll revealed that for $1,000 15 percent of people said they would shoplift while 13 people said they'd murder for that amount. That isn't even a lot of money so that's terrifying. People were game for marriage fraud and evading taxes for $100,000 in return. The stakes got higher as the amount of hypothetical money increased. The survey reported 10 percent of Americans would, as previously mentioned, star in porn for $1 million, or become a drug mule, engage in credit card fraud. Americans are apparently big animals lovers as only 10 percent could be bought with $100 million to kick a kitten or puppy. 

Now for one billion dollars—currently less than the Powerball lottery—six percent of people would murder someone. Also for one billion, 10 percent of people would commit armed robbery, treason, and arson.