Aaron Paul Only Rewatched One 'Breaking Bad' Episode to Get Into Jesse's Mindset for 'El Camino'

'El Camino' hits Netflix this Friday.


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If you've been busy in recent weeks doing a re-binge of the meth epic Breaking Bad, you're not alone. And while star Aaron Paul didn't have to do the same in preparation for this week's franchise-expanding movie El Camino, he did turn back to one specific episode.

"I know the story so well, I only had to rewatch one episode to try and understand where [his character Jesse Pinkman] was at," Paul recently toldTV Guide. "And it was actually the episode that happens around the first scene of this film, so I had to rewatch this episode to understand his mindset, but that was it. Everything else was in my head."

Paul, of course, didn't name the exact episode. However, fans may recall that he made a point to advise a rewatch of the critically lauded Season 3 episode "One Minute" back in August:

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Ahead of the big day, Netflix has been tactful with its release of teasers, trailers, and related hype-building bits of intel on El Camino. Most recently, Paul and others were enlisted to react on camera to comments left on the trailer for the Breaking Bad movie's YouTube page:

We can also expect to see additional Breaking Bad characters return, in some form, for the movie. Badger and Skinny Pete have already been confirmed, with creator and director Vince Gilligan previously confirming to fans that more than 10 original characters will appear in the film.

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