Aaron Paul Details Memorabilia He Stole From 'Breaking Bad' on Latest 'Sneaker Shopping'

You can also look forward to some Walter White Wallabees talk on the new episode.

If you star in a show with the caliber of talent and critical acclaim found on Breaking Bad, it's expected that you'll swipe a few pieces of personal memorabilia during production. Sadly, for El Camino lead Aaron Paul, said swiping did not result in the procuring of some early era Jesse Pinkman sneakers.

On the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, Paul discussed what he was able to bring home from the AMC classic and recalled receiving a letter from co-star Bryan Cranston requesting Smithsonian submission.

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"He's not that sentimental, Bryan," Paul—who noted that Walter White did indeed wear the same pair of Wallabees throughout the original series production—said around the 5:20 mark in the video up top. "He actually wrote us all a letter after we were done. The Smithsonian did a big exhibit for Breaking Bad and he wanted us to donate all of our personal items that we got from the show to the Smithsonian. I read this letter and I'm like, 'No, I'm not giving away my stuff.' But he ended up giving all of his stuff away. I don't even know if he took the Wallabees. I mean, I would have taken the Wallabees."

Instead, Paul managed to set aside a few choice pieces for himself.

"Honest, I stole so much from that show, in a nice way," he joked around the 6:15 mark. "I just kept a lot of things from the show. I have some classic old school Jesse attire. They would not let me keep those first sneakers, though. Jesse had the same sneakers for so long and I wanted to take them and they were like 'No, no, no. Sony's not letting you.' It's alright, Sony. I took plenty more stuff."

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Indeed, Paul's selections of politely lifted Breaking Bad items is enviable.

"I got the pinky teddy bear from the show," he said. "I got two giant Los Pollos Hermanos semi-truck doors that were blown up by a machine gun. I mean, really, the list is endless."

The Breaking Bad movie El Camino, meanwhile, has proven to be exactly the sort of gargantuan-level event fans had surely expected. According to data released by Netflix, the Pinkman-focused feature was watched by more than 25 million households during its first seven days of availability.

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