This is What Will Happen If You Get Kristen Bell a Sloth For Her Birthday

Take notes.

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Kristen Bell's interview on Ellen doesn't air until later today, but producers posted what is pretty much the best sneak peek ever on the show's YouTube Page. In it, Bell discusses how her fiancé, Dax Shepard, surprised her with a sloth for her 31st birthday this past summer - and then exactly what happened after.

Bell explains:

"I had no context for knowing what it was. But, I grab the dogs, walk into the back room of the house, and I immediately was overcome, and I thought, 'there's a sloth near. There is a sloth here, it's close, it's gonna happen.' And I didn't know how to process that, because my entire life had been waiting for this moment, where I would get to interact - I'm serious - with a sloth."

Just in case her telling of the story isn't enough, there's video footage of the scene she's describing. This might possibly be the best thing you'll see all morning.

[via US Weekly]

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