Is Enrique Iglesias Going to Be a New Judge on "American Idol"?

The speculation continues.

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Yes, all of that American Idol judge drama is still going on. We got lost in this corn maze around the time that reports surfaced suggesting that Nicki Minaj had finalized a deal to join the series as a judge alongside Mariah Carey, but it really just turned out she was in talks to - along with Keith Urban. Here is what we do know, though: Carey is in, Minaj and Urban are maybe in, longtime judge Randy Jackson is out, and don't even think about asking Katy Perry.

And now, the latest update?  Producers are reportedly attempting to court Enrique Iglesias to complete their fearsome foursome. 

According to EW, the Latin singer-songwriter has been offered $4 million - same as Urban - to join the judges table next season. No word yet on if he's seriously considering accepting or if this is just a rumor, but we'll keep you posted as more news is made available. 

Would you like to see Iglesias as judge?

[via EW]

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