Better check outside to make sure that pigs aren't flying, because according to TMZ, Randy Jackson is officially out as judge next season on American Idol. He will remain on the series in a mentor capacity, however, a role we assume makes him the Tim Gunn of the show, or something. You know, if Tim Gunn rambled about pitch and said "yo, dawg" a lot. 

Because this is reality television, the judges shuffle is of course not without its drama - according to sources connected to Idol, there is some "concern among the brass that Jackson is not well-suited for the mentor role," but "they feel they need him because he's the glue that helps keep the show together." Considering he's the only one that's stuck around since day one, it's sentimental value and all that.

His replacement is "99%" certain to be Nicki Minaj, as her deal to judge next season is almost fully locked down, and producers plan on recruiting one more celeb to fill the judges table with an even four.

Are you said to see Randy go?

[via TMZ]