"Community" Dropped 42 Percent In the Ratings Last Night

Come on, guys!

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After a promising comeback last week, Community took a huge dip in the ratings with last night's episode - specifically, a 42 percent dip. According to Vulture, the episode was viewed by only 2.7 million viewers, which earned it a 1.1 rating in the Nielsens for adults under 50, sadly its lowest numbers in that demo ever. In Community's defense, it doesn't even seem like it's the show's fault - the episode was their Halloween-themed one, and was scheduled to air at the appropriate time in October before NBC lost its mind and shelved the show until now. As good of an episode as it was, thinking of Halloween in February - especially on Valentine's day - doesn't really garner much of an audience.

Still, this isn't good news for the show, which has had enough problems in the past with its stars, showrunners, and ratings. There's still hope that DVR and other VOD numbers could come back high, but bottom line: Guys, just watch Community.

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