Amanda Bynes Either Needs Help, Or Is Trolling Us All (Video)

This video is the strangest thing yet.

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It's become a question as riveting and confusing as the meaning of life itself: What the hell happened to Amanda Bynes? Her tweets and erratic behavior were troubling enough, but a new video posted to social media site Telly is probably the strangest thing she's done yet - which is saying a lot when you consider that just earlier this month she showed up at an Adult Gymnastics class in NYC and proceeded to "burst into tears" when she attempted a cartwheel that knocked her wig off. 

The video is titled - very creatively - "I'm Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D" and it features Bynes mostly making strange faces in a mirror while she records herself with her phone. You can check it out in full above.

So, real talk: Does Bynes need serious help, or is this some intricate, faux public breakdown, Joaquin Phoenix-style? 

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