Adam Brody to Guest Star on Likely Awesome Episode of "New Girl"

Excellent news.

Not Available Lead
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Not Available Lead

Thought New Girl couldn't get any better? It can and it will: According to Vulture, the future Mr. Leighton Meester—also known as Adam Brody to some—is set to appear on an episode of New Girl next year as one of Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) ex-boyfriends, Berkeley.

But, whatever is he doing back in Jess' life, while she's oh-so-happy with boyfriend/roommate Nick (Jake Johnson)? Well, apparently, he and Jess are good friends post-breakup. Straight from his character description: He's now a "married stay-at-home dad" who is "open with his feelings and prides himself on having mastered the art of being an ex, which is probably why he and Jess (allegedly) remained the best of friends after their breakup." Well, this sounds like a recipe for hilarious drama. 

Brody's episode should air some time early next year. Obligatory:

[via Vulture]

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