Michael Blackson Escalates Feud With Kevin Hart: 'When I’m Done With You U Will Commit Suicide'

This beef involves a cheating scandal, a radio appearance, and a whole lot of angry videos.

Kevin Michael

Comedians Michael Blackson (L) and Kevin Hart (R) attends Rapper Twista's Fifth Annual Celebrity Birthday Weekend Comedy Explosion Concert at the Harold Washington Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois on November 23, 2007.

Kevin Michael

Beef between rappers is sadly all too common. But beef between comedians isn't something we see too often.

So it's coming as a bit of a surprise that Michael Blackson and Kevin Hart are trading barbs. It all started when a scandal erupted around Hart cheating on his wife Eniko—a fact that was revealed in September when Kevin went public following an extortion attempt. Blackson, who has known and done gigs with Hart for years—they were even arrested together one time—put together a "funny" video expressing his Shaggy-style view on the situation immediately afterwards. 

"Stop apologizing! Change your story!" Blackson insisted. "Don't ever admit to nothing. If your wife catch your dick in another woman, tell her it's not your dick. Tell her your homie borrowed your dick."

Despite the comic exaggeration, Blackson actually appeared to be at least somewhat serious about his absurd missive. He called Hart a "bitch nigga" during the rant.

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Hart responded to the jabs during a recent appearance on the Breakfast Club. He said that Blackson, who styles himself "the African king of comedy," was "from Philadelphia." [Blackson was born in Ghana, but moved to the U.S. as a teenager in 1987 and began his comedy career in Philly.] Hart accused Blackson of mentioning the cheating scandal solely to gain attention.

"Mike turned into the Instagram model that just shows her ass and is looking for love," Hart said. "Mike, I’m your guy. But now you’re looking for likes because the conversation about Kevin Hart drives attention to you. So now you put your relationship with me in jeopardy because you want to capitalize off of a Kevin Hart cheating scandal?"

Blackson was not impressed by Hart's response, and shot back with a lengthy Instagram post. 

"This sensitive midget beech just called me an ig model lol?" he wrote. "That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen from you since your blurry ass sex tape in which your dum ass snitched on yourself crying like a lil bitch because some thot wanted 10 m’s in her bank account. Call your writers because when I’m done with you u will commit suicide by jumping off the curb you short fuck. Videos coming soon."

At around the same time, Blackson recorded a short video response that contained a barrage of insults directed at both Hart and Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God. 

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"So what, I made fun of your little scandal?" Blackson asked. "And how the fuck it took you three months to respond to me?" He also refers to Charlamagne as "Charla-Jermaine Jackson," along with a litany of other names. And he pokes fun at Kevin questioning his heritage, briefly dropping into both Philly and New York [where he also lived in his early years] slang.

One person who wants the beef to end? T.I. In a comment on Blackson's Instagram, Tip said, "Y'all comedians, remember?"

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