Conan O'Brien Works Out With Kevin Hart on TBS

Conan O'Brien works out with Kevin Hart during a funny 'Conan' segment.

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Conan O'Brien had Kevin Hart as a guest Thursday night on his TBS show. But instead of a traditional interview, they met up to promote Hart's upcoming concert film Kevin Hart: What Now? in a very unusual place: the gym.

Hart, a fitness nut who even designed his own Nikes, went through a hilarious workout routine-slash-insult battle with O'Brien that had them trying to outdo each other both athletically and comically. Whether it was with the pull up bar, the medicine ball, or boxing gloves, the funnymen battled in a variety of exercises, often assisted by a trainer.

O'Brien tried rattle his opponent by continually under-counting the audience at the gig recorded for Hart's new film. Kevin Hart: What Now? was filmed live in front of an audience of 53,000 in Philadelphia, though by the end of this long routine, Conan was joking that the audience was actually only 1,500 friends and family members. 

Reaction on social media to the long (nearly nine and a half minute) segment was uniformly positive.

Kevin Hart: What Now? opens nationwide on Oct. 14. It marks the culmination of a banner year for Hart, who was recently named the world's highest-paid comedian by Forbes.

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