Madonna Fires Back: Watch Her Short Film About Hating Hydrangeas

Looks like the Queen of Pop is just as feisty as ever.

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Remember the internet uproar surrounding Madonna when she snubbed a fan who gave her flowers at the Venice Film Festival by saying "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas" last week?

Well, today the aging Queen of Pop fired back at the media with a short film of her own that she uploaded to YouTube, in which she issues an apology to the flower she so rudely declared she hated. 

But at the end of the sincere apology lies Madge's small stroke of genius: a satirical twist that turns her seemingly repentant response into a clever comeback. Which clearly goes to prove that Madonna is not only a seasoned media minx, she's also unashamed of the fact that she is without a doubt, still a material girl.

[via NY Mag]

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