‘The Office’ Is Getting Remade in India

A brand new version of the sitcom is on the way.

This is a photo of The Office.

Image via Getty/NBC

This is a photo of The Office.

Beloved sitcom The Office is getting a South Asian twist after it was announced Tuesday that India's Applause Entertainment will create their own version of the U.K. and U.S. series, according to BBC.

In a partnership with BBC Worldwide, the show will follow Indian middle manager Jagdeep Chaddha, the naïve but well-meaning boss at Wilkins Chawla paper company. Much like the original U.K. and later U.S. versions, the show will feature a cast of quirky co-workers and stay true to its "mockumentary" style. 

This time around the team is based in Faridabad, a suburb of New Delhi, India. The passive staff knows the real action is at the head office in the big city but can't muster up the ambition to make the move. Chaddha however, does everything in his power to motivate his team to often disastrous and hilarious results, much like the characters made most popular by Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell. Budding office romances, rivalries, confessionals and plenty of dry humor are most likely on the bill for this version.

Gervais, the show's creator, is excited about the latest take on his original show. 

“I’m always excited and flattered to see remakes of my work, particularly as I’ve ended the David Brent saga now with Life On The Road," he said. "When a country with a population of over a billion has a version I’m hoping for big ratings.” 

The original version spawned a handful of international ones, including from Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Finland and of course, the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning U.S. version. This is the first version of the show to be commissioned in Asia. 

The new Indian adaptation will take the first two seasons of the U.S. version of the series, and condense it into a 28-episode season.

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