This Awesome DeLorean Hovercraft is a Real Thing (Video)

Who says it's not the future?

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Tired of waiting for the future he was promised in the movies, 26-year-old graduate student Matthew Riese took matters into his own hands. Using the support he received from a Kickstarter campaign, he built his own Back to the Future-style DeLorean, with a twist: His version is a hovercraft.

Watch in the clip above as beach-goers at the San Francisco Bay get their minds blown when the DeLorean hovercraft makes a sudden appearance. Riese has plans to start a business making custom hovercrafts for clients, which, based on this video, we feel confident will be a smash.

Below, watch Riese and his hovercraft make a cameo in a TV broadcast of a Giants game after being spotted one night going for a cruise.


[via CNET]

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